Brownie points dating

brownie points dating

How can I get brownie points for my boyfriend?

Here are the easiest ways for any boyfriend to earn brownie points: Post flattering photos of us online. We want you to brag about us. As long as the pictures you post of us on Facebook are cute, we’re going to be happy you’re showing us off to all of your friends. Randomly go down on us.

What is a Brownie point?

The relationship between a purchase and the collection of these brown points equated with doing a good thing (supporting the local vendor) and getting a bonus (the valuable stamps). Purportedly, the collection of these brownie points eventually evolved into the modern usage.

What is the etymology of the word “brownie”?

A popular etymology is an allusion to the merit badges or six points earned by Brownies (junior Girl Guides/Girl Scouts) for carrying out good deeds. Brownies were named after a kind of mythological elf that does helpful things around the house.

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