Tamil christian dating site

tamil christian dating site

Is Christianity not a Tamil culture?

Every Tamilian knows that Christianity (for that matter any religion) is not Tamil culture, that is why missionaries are hijacking Thiruvalluvar, the greatest son of Tamil Nadu, to ultimately hijack what.

Why is Christianity spreading so fast in Tamil Nadu?

Why is Christianity spreading fast in Tamil Nadu? Christianity spreading fast during British regime due to alleviate Poverty,get status and to suppress their old enemies. The same way Islam spreaded during mughal period.

Why is there no Hinduism in Tamil Nadu?

This is well established in Indonesia too. As for Islam this isn’t visible in equal zeal, because Islam is so strong in parts of South Asia, that Islam has made itself “more native” after dislodging and making Hinduism “non-local”, sometimes even banishing Hinduism. Just 6% of people in Tamil Nadu are Christians.

Why is Christianity not being taught or promoted in India?

Sad part is Christianity is not being taught or promoted the way Jesus wanted. The missionaries that have entered India are exploiting the weakness of the poor and offering them money and gifts to convert for a richer life. They even go far as lying and misleading people.

Whats happening to Christians in India?

They also found killings of Christians had doubled. Churches have been vandalized, bombed, and set on fire, and church leaders have been beaten and threatened—all with the hope of forcing Christians to renounce their faith in Jesus. How does this affect Christian organizations working in India?

Why dont Indian Christians follow the teachings of the Christian faith?

The Indian culture has been existed for a long long time,so the teachings are very hard-wired in our blood. The followers of the Christians never shared any border with the Indian subcontinent,so they never got to try.

What is the history of Christianity in India?

Christianity initially came to India with St. Thomas as a religion for Jews (who had settled in Kerala) and slowly spread to gentiles. Kerala is about 20% Christian. There were also many Christians in the North-West converted by missionaries from the Ancient Church of the East (Assyrian).

Do Christians have no right to preach in India?

In many cases, the extremists openly declare that Christians have no right to preach or attempt to convert people in a Hindu country. These events have caused Open Doors to name India as 15th on this year’s World Watch List 2017 which identifies the top countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith.

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