Onkyo surround sound hook up

onkyo surround sound hook up

How do I hook up my Onkyo surround sound?

Use either HDMI cables or Component (red, green, blue, and audio (red, white)) cables. Connect your OUTPUT on your DVD player to the INPUT on your Onkyo. Then connect your OUTPUT of your satellite box to your TV/SAT INPUT on your Onkyo. That part is done. Now lets get the signal to your TV.

How do I add surround sound to my home theater system?

Adding a surround sound system to your home theater will allow you to enjoy 5.1 surround sound audio from your favorite sources, such as cable TV, Blu-ray players, and video game consoles. Plug in the five surround speakers to the back of the surround sound receiver. Each speaker has a color coded wire that denotes which channel it is.

How do you set up a surround sound system?

In 5.1 surround sound system, your speakers have to properly placed to the right and left in front of your listening position. Place another two speakers on your rear right side and rear left side if it?s not possible then place your surround speakers a few feet behind and above your listening position.

Where do you place back channel speakers in a room?

Place the back channel speakers behind the viewing area. Try to place the two back channel speakers as close to each other as possible; this creates a bubble of sound around the audience. The back channel speakers should be the same height as the surround speakers.

How do you wire a speaker to a receiver?

Some older systems have clips that you plug bare speaker wire into. To accomplish this, youll need to strip some of the wire away with wire cutters and then clip them into place on the back of the speaker. Run wire from each speaker to the receiver.

Do you need a receiver for surround sound?

Unlike powered speakers, the average surround sound speaker cant project audio on its own. A receiver takes the sound from your TV and transmits it to the connected speakers via wires. Most surround sound kits include a receiver. If you bought your surround sound set second-hand, you may have to buy the receiver separately.

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